How a simple flowchart can increase your efficiency and efficacy while working remote

tfp flowchart - How a simple flowchart can increase your efficiency and efficacy while working remote

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Working from home has its benefits, but keeping a clean workspace can be difficult. There are your usual culprits like yesterday’s coffee mug, this morning’s breakfast, and—if you like brainstorming—a horde of sticky notes and scrap paper. These things aren’t just a pain to look at, they can also be a major drain on your productivity.

While you’re on your own when it comes to doing your dishes, you can get some outside help for de-cluttering all the notes scattered across your desk.

Zen Flowchart takes your brainstorming digital, using virtual flowcharts to visualize and streamline your brainstorming process (and not to mention cut down on physical clutter). You can get a three-year Pro subscription right now for only $40.

Benefits of Flowcharts

Flowcharts are great tools for problem-solving. When you break up a problem into parts, you can see if there are missing steps that seem obvious – so obvious that you forgot to include them at all.

Flowcharts also help organizations map out processes in ways which anyone can easily understand for optimized efficiency. With Zen Flowchart, you’ll be able to visualize multiple processes in a single document for clarity and efficiency.

With Zen Flowcharts, you simply map out your process with nodes and smart connectors and you’re ready to analyze. However, if you’re not sure where to start, you can utilize the ready-made examples and templates provided.

Another bonus: As the name suggests, you’ll feel a sense of calm when you see the beautifully designed interface as opposed to other software with complicated and distracting features.

Working Remotely

Zen Flowchart Pro is a tool you can use to analyze processes more effectively because it makes it easier to spot the unnecessary steps. Saving time and resources, you will become more effective and efficient by planning with digital flowcharts.

Zen Flowchart will increase your efficiency while working from home—not to mention your workspace will thank you for keeping it clutter-free! Powerful and easy-to-use, a three-year Pro subscription to Zen Flowchart is only $39.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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